Momxious (noun)

\ məm-shəs \


  1. A mom warrior who wants to take care of her mental health efficiently all while juggling parenting and life.
  2. A mother in a constant search of self-growth paths, inspiration and healing.
  3. A woman (who happens to have children) and indulges with great literature, pop culture, series, coffee, wine, and occasional treats (Ok, OK. Not that occasional, particularly on bad days, because she has those and it's FINE!!!)
  4. A Goddess, Hero, the Home's CEO/CFO/Project Manager/Vacation Planner/Personal Chef/First Responder/Chauffeur/Personal Stylist/Photographer/House Keeper (and the list can go on but let's stop here,) who is also capable of holding any other job in the world including of course being a mom (which btw could add many more other things to that list above, and I guess none of us would question that never ever again after the pandemic quarantine.)
  5. A person's mother who may get overwhelmed, and experience certain level of anxiety. However, she has found the key to turn the anxiety monster into a master.

Interested? Intrigued? We can tell you more! Maybe you recognize yourself in some of these definitions, or you want to become one of them. Then joining our Momxious community is for you. We are a tribe where all kinds of moms are welcomed! A judgment-free community of moms who want to support each other and end the stigma of motherhood and mental health. If you think you experience certain level of anxiety and you want to learn how to turn your anxiety monster into a master, learn to control your emotions and thoughts efficiently, support other moms and even have a little fun, we invite you to join our tribe. Think of us as that friend you can trust, the one you can talk to at any time because she will not judge you, and who will give you advice not because she thinks she is better, but because she has had a long and painful battle with anxiety for years and finally she got to control the monster and she wants the same for you. We are all the same, no matter your parenting or life choices, we are all navigating in the same motherhood boat, so instead of sinking together, let's go sailing and cruise this thing along!

Thank you for your support!  



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About The Author 

Paola B. Sur

Paola B. Sur is an award winning author, originally from Colombia. Mother of two, blogger, and mostly a dreamer. She loves fiction fantasy, coffee, and soccer. Her first novel El Lago de los Milagros (Spanish version of The Lake of Miracles) is an Award Winning Book at the International Latino Book Awards 2017, finalist in the categories of Best Fantasy Novel, and Best First Book/Children and Youth. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and kids.