The Pause

At Momxious we understand that the path to wellbeing needs nurturing your mind, body, and soul. But between schedules, family, friends, routine, work, and life demands, our motherhood journey can easily become hectic and we forget about to take care of ourselves. The truth is that as a mom you should also enjoy life more because you deserve it! Your work and dedication is not invisible and should be rewarded. We want to encourage you to make a Pause. To take a few minutes every week to unwind with our weekly recommendations.

Read our weekly newsletter! During your coffee break, drinking that glass of wine in the afternoon, while you wait in the dreaded carpool line, or before that doctor’s appointment... you can always find the right moment to read our 5 interesting weekly things we dig out for you. Things that can make your life more practical and happy. The piece of entertainment to indulge, the inspirational book or article that may cause an impact on your life. The right information to keep creating awareness about the things you hold dear or the advice to keep your sanity, because you have to know that at Momxious our mental health is one of our priorities, especially now. You may find the tips that may solve that problem you still thinking about or the app that will keep you stimulated. We have it all! A little bit of everything so you can take a break to be you! The woman before the mom. The Pause you need to get recharged!